Welcome to my site!

I hope you see what you like. I'm an artist and designer and have created many projects in the last year, you can see more of my work on the "picture gallery" and many of these items are online for sale. You can either buy here or on my other site:


Many gifts can be custom made to whatever decor you need; being in a baby's room, tween or teens room. Many of the coffee line though would be wonderful in an entry or kitchen. 

Feel free to e-mail me any request you may have, there is no budget that can not be done. So don't worry about costs. 


I specialize in Children's Decor and Home Decor. I paint murals both in residential and commercial properties, but I also do a lot of custom work. Custom canvas, frames, decorative letters to hand in a baby, tween or teenager's room. I also paint creative signage for entry ways or doorways and kitchen areas. My style is whimsical and very detailed.


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